Borneo Destination

Borneo Destination

Maybe you have visited Borneo, the 3rd biggest island on earth with a tropical haven housing the oldest and a lot of bio-diverse rainforest on earth, limitless pristine white shores and an abundance of national marvels? Divided between Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia, Borneo could be the biggest area being appropriated to Malaysia. Separated from mainland Malaysia regarding the west-by the South Asia water, both states of Sarawak and Sabah make-up Malaysia’s section of Borneo.


As big since it is, Borneo continues to be a microcosm of dazzling flora and fauna, housing the Rafflesia, the whole world’s biggest flowering plant, while the scary, insect-digesting pitcher-plant. Aswell, Borneo hosts unique pets, included in this the timid Orangutans, the rare and unusual Proboscis Monkey and also the ludicrous Bearded Pig.


Journey to Borneo is a step into adventure. A good amount of nationwide parks, virgin jungles and rainforests, meandering rivers and cascades, considerable cave methods and sandy white beaches provide activities each and every kind for every degree. an early morning walk in Mulu National Park or weekly’s trek in pristine jungle; a lake safari or white water rafting regarding Rejang, Malaysia’s longest river; caving and examining the earth’s most substantial cave systems or snorkeling and scuba off the unspoiled reefs associated with the South China Sea – each is here the taking.


In show, Borneo’s cultural diversity, including 27 distinct cultural groups talking 45 languages and dialects provides an original regional knowledge. Indigenous tradition stays ingrained into the life style of its residents, whom follow many different native traditions, techniques and religions. Beyond the towns and metropolitan areas, life right here nonetheless revolves round the longhouses, kampungs and rivers. Malays and Chinese founded on their own alongside indigenous teams with such evocative names as Iban, Melanau, Penan, Kelabit advertisement Bidayuh, grouped collectively in general term Dayak, to make a richly diverse populace, each along with their very own tradition and traditions. To this day, the biggest group, the Iban, reputed become Borneo’s many solid headhunters of past, dwell in public manner in longhouses, stilted structures with several spaces that home a complete community of people. Beside all of them, the Melanau, usually anglers and seafaring folks, inhabit Kampungs (Malaysian villages) – a cluster of wooden houses on large stilts near Borneo’s rivers.


Be it eco adventure outside, a cultural experience or both, Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia’s Borneo Island states boast the most diverse, interesting while the finest of household adventure travel on earth.


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