Magelang – The Next Holiday Destination

Magelang – Your Following Getaway Destination

Experiencing tired of your regular holiday destination? Why don’t you visited Indonesia and see Magelang?

As one of the biggest locations in Central Java, Indonesia, Magelang happens to be a well liked location for all domestic and foreign tourists. The town that situated 43 kilometer north from Yogyakarta, and 75 km south of Semarang, the administrative centre of Central Java, may be the nearest major city to Borobudur Temple, among planet’s wonders built in ninth century. Besides, in addition has several of the city’s buildings from the Dutch East Indies (colonial) period, which become heritage landmarks today. One of them is Museum Pangeran Diponegoro (formerly utilized as Karesidenan Kedu Building), that keep a number of the thoughts from Prince Diponegoro, the Indonesian popular hero.

In Indonesia it self, the city of Magelang is called an armed forces landmark. Before its official organization day on April 11th 907, the old Magelang has an extended history as a military post. Throughout the struggle between pro self-reliance military and Dutch colonial that happen in the early 1940s, Magelang once more took a component whilst the Indonesian Army’s camp. In this third millennium, its historical history is strengthening because of the existence of two armed forces landmarks truth be told there: The Military Academy and the associated-military college which referred to as most useful high-school in Indonesia, Taruna Nusantara.

In contrast using its record and back ground as a military landmark, Magelang is a fantastic town which have numerous attractions. It possesses all the right what to entice getaway tourist. Those who love food and shopping will find memorable expertise in Magelang. Shops, minimarkets, and restaurants will be the typical locations there is in Magelang’s Chinatown (Pecinan), the main one way 1.5 km lengthy road that can become a center of company in Magelang. For many who love crowds of people, Magelang Town’s Square (Alun-Alun) is the greatest destination where many individuals, from domestic residences in addition to foreign tourists, enjoy the sensational atmosphere of Magelang.

Its strategic place combined with the fertile farming location features put Magelang on a very modern program of financial, personal, cultural, and in addition tourism. Year 2008 became an important milestone for several Indonesian urban centers including Magelang to get ready the global challenge. Time for you time, Magelang always enhance its position as one of the favorite holiday destination in Indonesia,

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